Preparation Instruction for the Cambridge May 2024 Checkpoint Exam Registration

Dear Parent,


The registration process for your child’s Cambridge May 2024 Checkpoint Exam will start from the month of January 2024. If your child wants to register for the upcoming Cambridge May 2024 Checkpoint Exam, Please acknowledge the information listed below:

1. Passport: Every student will have to have a valid passport (passport with validity till June 10th, 2024) during the Board Exam registration. Please make sure that your child is carrying a valid passport otherwise kindly take the necessary measures for passport renewal.


2. Passport’s information: Cambridge will only accept a student’s personal information which matches with his/her passport. Please confirm the student’s Full Name, Date of Birth as printed on the passport. If you want to amend the passport information, please do it before the registration process starts.


3. Cross-checking Student’s Name: Please make sure that your child’s name in the passport and the school records are the same. If not, please write to admission@dpsstsdhaka.org  with a request to change the name as per your child’s passport. Please attach your child’s passport scanned copy while you write so that it may be amended correctly.


4. Email address: The school will communicate with parents and candidates only through email addresses which are listed in the school contact database. Please make sure you have provided the admission office with a valid and accessible email address. If you have changed your email address recently, please write to admission@dpsstsdhaka.org to update your contact information by providing a new and accessible one.

The Checkpoint Exam is an optional Exam, if your child wants to attend he/she needs to attend 4 subjects (English, Mathematics, Science & Global Perspective). Total Registration fee will be around 20000 BDT. For further information or queries, please feel free to communicate with the Board Exam Coordinator, Mr. Fazlul Haq (fazlul.haq@dpsstsdhaka.org).


Best wishes


Yours sincerely

Dr. Shivananda CS 


DPS STS School Dhaka 

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