The Glenrich Alumni Association was started in 2014 and tries to make contact with Glenrich graduates wherever they are in the world.



To build and sustain an active association, which will provide current and future graduates the opportunity to undertake necessary collaborations in further education, research, networking and professional undertakings.




The aim of our Alumni Association and its Chapters will be to establish connections between recent graduates and Alumni who have volunteered to give career coaching, mentorship and knowledge sharing. This may include providing information about a specific occupation, field of employment or industry, offering tips on entering the job market or even relocating to a specific city. Mentors share their own experience and knowledge and could offer connections in the working world.

An Alumni Association is an essential podium through which our Glenrich community can remain connected. Glenrich will host an Annual Alumni Dinner, which will allow ex-students to meet with their fellow class mates, teachers and other members of the community. There will be other events aimed to benefit the past and present Glenrich community.




We invite all ex students who have spent a minimum of 5 years at Glenrich and who has either taken IGCSE Exam or A-level Exam from Glenrich School to become members by registering here. We would be more than happy to receive your suggestions, ideas or just anything that you would like to share with us on the alumni@dpsstsdhaka.org. Remember it’s your platform for all of us to be connected wherever we are in the world.

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