• Asia’s number one digital learning school – the only school from the South Asia region to win the prestigious BETT MEA Awards in online learning strategy category.
  • Both synchronous and asynchronous online class activity.
  • State-of-the-Art assessment tools, Breakout Rooms, Augmented Reality Tools, Virtual Labs, Online Quizzes etc.
  • Regular live classes and individual attention given in virtual classes.
  • International educational support and partnership with Fortune 500 technology firms such as Microsoft and Google.

Glenrich online learning survey outcomes from parents:

  • More than 90% parents are satisfied with our Online Learning Program.
  • More than 85% parents are satisfied with the individual attention provided to the students by our teachers.
  • More than 90% parents are satisfied with our IT support.
  • More than 85% parents feel their children enjoy our live sessions.

Glenrich School Dhaka has provided award-winning Online Education through its virtual classroom programs. The School conducts regular live classes for all students, supervised by experienced teachers who give individual attention to all participants. These online classes, which consist of regular activities, assignments and feedback, utilize contemporary technology and make learning an exciting and interactive process. At Glenrich School Dhaka, Online Learning comprises various different educational strategies that are aimed to interest children’s inherent curiosity.

The School provides Augmented Reality tools which increase interactivity and enhance skills of problem solving, collaboration and creation. Virtual Labs allow students to interact with experimental apparatus and focus on the wonders of the physical sciences through a computer interface. Breakout Rooms divide students into groups and helps improve communication, co-operation, and allows them to interact with one another in a creative way. The School employs state-of-the-art assessment tools for extensive evaluation of each and every students’ educational performance.

The School is concerned with focusing on every student as a unique and individual learner, and thus, online classes are designed to let their unique personalities shine. Glenrich School Dhaka has also organized a host classroom of various online activities, which include regular Music, Art, Dance and Sports activities. These exciting events push the boundaries for what a virtual class can be, and students enjoy learning through creativity while coordinating and competing with one another. For the School’s excellence in creating online programs, exceptional strategic thinking, development in e-learning and uninterrupted shift to virtual classes, Glenrich School Dhaka has been awarded the prestigious ‘Online Learning Strategy Award’ in the internationally renowned BETT MEA Awards 2020.

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