Glenrich Learner

The School offers a wide range of subjects in Science, Commerce and Humanities as well as wide exposure to hands-on projects, sports, cultural activities, literary activities, excursions, computer science projects, community service as well as the Duke of Edinburgh programme. Glenrich School Dhaka believes in ‘learning by doing’ and follows the methodology where an intellectually challenging academic programme is offered both inside and outside the classrooms.

Our goal is to ensure that every pupil gives the best effort. This is achieved through small class sizes, each consisting of 30 pupils, and close monitoring of each pupil’s progress. Academic standards are high and are fostered through a sense of purpose and a positive work environment. Knowledgeable and highly qualified teachers with relevant and extensive experience have been appointed to guide and motivate the pupils. These teachers are proficient in merging innovative teaching methodology with their passion for their teaching subjects and we at Glenrich School recognize this as a recipe for providing adequate knowledge.

We help, guide, motivate and prepare the students for IGCSE Cambridge International Diplomas (Age group 14 – 16 years) and for Cambridge AS and A Levels (Age Group 16 -18 Years).

Emphasis is put on study skills so that pupils become independent learners and grow to become self-reliant. Excellence is fostered in a stimulating and supportive environment where pupils learn to research and extend their knowledge; engaging in individual projects, group works and presentations. Extensive use is made of the library, as children are encouraged not just to read for pleasure but also to develop an appreciation of knowledge, literature and the maximum use of the resources we provide. The School Library holds a vast collection of books and encyclopaedias along with other rich resources.

Adventure Camps, Treks, Educational Tours, Safaris, and Field Trips are a vital part of the curriculum as these are essentially organized to teach children survival skills, facing hardships and adversities with aplomb, the discrete joys of corporate living, sharing and caring. These skills that nourish the spirit of teamwork also develop sensitivities for the outside world and its environment, flora and fauna. We believe that through exposure to these kinds of exercises, the students will develop valuable skills that will help them develop fully as balanced individuals who are both strong physically and mentally.

Our learners will grow to adapt skills and knowledge that are relevant to their survival, progress and well-being and become proficient as they practice and apply these skills and crafts to enhance their own and the lives of others. They will move forward with confidence in their abilities to progress and tackle the challenges along their paths. Our children will grow into informed and responsible adults because they will be able to relate their learning to the practical world and to their own strengths to contribute to the development of societies and nations.

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