The Cambridge Primary Curriculum

Grade 1 to Grade 4

Our curriculum is built around the Cambridge Primary, which is designed for children from 5 – 11 years of age. This is offered at Glenrich school from our Grade 1 to Grade 4 at our Junior campus and is completed in Grade 5 at our Senior Campus.

Cambridge Foundation and Grade 1 children spend most of their time with teachers assigned to these two grades as Homeroom teachers and who get to know the children very well, while in Grades 2 – 5 the children are taught by subject specialists.

Clear learning objectives ensure children acquire a wealth of knowledge and skills in a broad range of essential subjects, while developing confidence, independence and a genuine love of learning. Regular assessments are designed to monitor progress closely and inform planning so children are working at an appropriate and challenging level. Our teachers provide the necessary support and guidance in a well-resourced, learning environment.

Primary Cambridge subjects at Glenrich School

Cambridge English caters for first and second language English speakers and covers knowledge, skills and understanding in three strands:

  •  Reading
  •  Writing
  •  Speaking and listening

Children learn using a wide range of fiction genres, poetry, playscripts and non-fiction texts while grammar is embedded throughout the curriculum.

Cambridge Mathematics focuses on Numbers, Geometry, Measuring, Handling data and Problem solving. Children develop knowledge, skills and understanding of Mathematical concepts and methodology. They gain a remarkable depth of understanding and have frequent opportunities to apply and display their Mathematical ability.

Cambridge Science covers Scientific enquiry, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Children explore Scientific concepts, plan investigations, study evidence, while recording and analysing data. They develop scientific knowledge and skills, greater environmental awareness and an appreciation of the history of Science.

Cambridge Global Perspectives encourages children to use the skills they have learnt across the curriculum including research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication whilst investigating a variety of topics such as “Sharing planet Earth”, “Values and beliefs”, “Keeping healthy” and “The World of Work”.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations

At the end of Grade 5 students take the Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations in English, Mathematics and Science. These exams are set and marked by Cambridge International in the UK.

Parallel Primary subjects at Glenrich School

Bangla and Bangladesh studies

We believe that learning in Bangla is absolutely essential for our students because it is their ‘mother tongue’. Research shows that children who learn in their mother tongue as well as in a second language benefit significantly in terms of their cognitive development and we believe it is also important from the perspective of the school’s commitment to the development of their own identity as citizens of Bangladesh.

As with the Cambridge English programme, our Primary Bangla curriculum focuses on the development of the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in order to ensure that children can express their ideas clearly and with good understanding.

Our commitment to national identify is further reflected by the study of our country’s History and Geography throughout the Primary years.

Computer studies and Information technology

Computer studies is an essential specialist subject in the Primary School from Cambridge Foundation (age 5 -6) onward, with a focus on digital literacy and the responsible use of all digital channels.

Languages other than Bangla and English

Students whose mother tongue is not Bangla also have an opportunity to learn another language, with the mother tongue classes in Hindi and French as a second language regularly offered in the Primary School.

Physical Education, Music, Art, Chess and Dance

Glenrich school continues its commitment to a broad curriculum throughout the Primary School. We believe these subjects are essential for the development of a heathy, well-rounded individual and add depth to the cultural identity of each child.

Primary Co-Curricular programme

As our primary students grow up, we believe that they should have growing access to a wide range of sporting, cultural and enrichment activities. As their skills develop, students are given a wide variety of opportunities to perform, compete and express themselves in an enriching co-curricular programme.

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