Notice for Grade 8 Students and Parents regarding Checkpoint Tests in 2024

Dear Parents,


The Cambridge Checkpoint Tests will be held (Tent.) April or May 2024 on the Four Subjects listed below:

  1. Global Perspectives: (Research Paper Submission)

  2. Sciences (Physics; Chemistry; Biology): (Written test)

  3. Mathematics : (Written test)

  4. English Language: (Written test)


The Checkpoint exams provide students an assessment of their own progress with the Cambridge Curriculum. The Checkpoint tests are external assessment tests that are marked by Cambridge examiners. The aim of checkpoint tests is to: provide a cumulative measure of performance at the end of the learning phase and to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses from test-result analysis.


Students who choose to register must sit for all four subjects and pay to Cambridge the approx. amount of BDT: 22,000. Parents / Students will be provided with updated information as and when Cambridge sends their updates.


The Checkpoint examinations are optional, meaning it is not mandatory for students to sit for the tests to progress to the next Grade.


If you are interested to let your child participate in the Checkpoint Examinations,

Please fill up the Google form (link provided below) and submit with ‘YES’ by January 5, 2024.


Google form link: (To be filled by only those who will sit for the Checkpoint Examinations):



Warm Regards, 

Glenrich School Authority

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