Glenrich’s Rising Star: Fahmida Afreen’s Journey to Harvard

Glenrich’s Rising Star: Fahmida Afreen’s Journey to Harvard




In a momentous announcement that has filled the Glenrich School Dhaka community with pride and joy, we are thrilled to share the extraordinary news of Fahmida Afreen, a standout graduate from the Batch of 2023, securing admission to the prestigious Harvard University with 96% scholarship!


A Stellar Academic Journey:

Fahmida’s academic journey is nothing short of stellar. Boasting an impressive SAT score of 1570 out of 1600, she excelled in her A’ levels, securing four ‘A*’ grades in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This outstanding academic achievement laid the foundation for her remarkable journey to one of the world’s top universities.


A Trailblazer in Co-curricular Pursuits:

Fahmida’s commitment to excellence extended beyond the classroom. Guided by the school’s career counselors, she engaged in co-curricular activities that reflected her passion for pediatric health and neurosciences. Fahmida’s pursuit of knowledge led her to undertake online courses from renowned institutions like John Hopkins University and Coursera.


Global Recognition and Impactful Contributions:

Fahmida’s dedication to global health issues earned her a coveted spot at the Global Health Leaders Conference at Johns Hopkins University, where she not only attended with an impressive 9.9% acceptance rate but also served as a Student Speaker, addressing the audience on the critical topic of Disparities in Cancer Care.


Community Service and Internship Excellence:

Her commitment to social responsibility was evident through her volunteer work with an NGO aiding cancer patient in Bangladesh. Additionally, Fahmida completed a two-week internship as an Infectious Disease Detective at the Child Health Research Foundation, further solidifying her impact in the field.


National Recognition and Future Leadership:

Fahmida’s achievements extended nationally, as she secured the 2nd Position in the Biology segment at the National Digital Learning Competition 2020. This competition focused on creating effective and easy-to-understand class outlines for high school levels, showcasing Fahmida’s commitment to innovative education.


A Guiding Light for Future Scholars:

As an active alumna of Glenrich, Fahmida is not only celebrating her success but is also ready to pay it forward. She has expressed her willingness to guide and inspire juniors through multiple webinars, sharing her preparation methods and insights to help them pursue opportunities in elite universities worldwide.


Proudly Embracing Excellence:

At Glenrich, we are immensely proud of Fahmida Afreen’s exceptional achievements. Her journey to Harvard serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing holistic development and fostering a spirit of excellence among its students. We look forward to emulating Fahmida’s success and exploring more opportunities for our students in the future.


Congratulations, Fahmida, on this remarkable achievement! May your journey at Harvard be as brilliant as the path that led you there.


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