Dear Parents,

Please note the following details for the upcoming Primary STEAM Carnival:

Ø  Please ensure that your ward/s who are participating in the STEAM Carnival, complete their preparations by Thursday, 8th December ’22. Teachers will start guiding them in the classes after that.

Ø  On Wednesday, 14th December ’22, regular classes will be conducted for the students till the 3rd period. After that, they will set up their STEAM projects in their assigned classrooms.

Ø  On Thursday, 15th December ’22, there will be a Dry-run (a final demonstration) in the presence of their STEAM subject Teachers.

Ø  On Saturday, 17th December ‘22 (Carnival Day), STEAM Project Participants must report to school by 8:20 am and prepare for their presentations. Parents can begin visiting the projects from 9 am to 2 pm.

Ø  From 2 pm to 2:30 pm: students will need time to rearrange their classrooms for the next day’s classes and store their projects or take them home.

Ø  The Fun-fair will go on till 3:30 pm. Parents / Assigned guardians must pick up their wards by 3 pm from their assigned project presentation classrooms.

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