“The DPS Press” Inaugural Edition

Dear Concerned,

Greetings of the day. We are thrilled and proud to share a momentous achievement by the talented team behind The Glenrich Newspaper Programme: the successful launch of the first-ever edition of “The DPS Press.”

The DPS Press represents a culmination of dedication, creativity, and hard work by our students and faculty. This publication encapsulates insightful articles, noteworthy achievements, and compelling stories.  It serves as a testament to the exceptional talent and commitment prevalent throughout our institution.

We understand the impact and importance of this momentous occasion, and we would like your help in publishing the first edition of The DPS Press across our school’s connected social media channels. Sharing this inaugural publication will celebrate the remarkable efforts of our students and faculty and engage and inspire our school community.

By showcasing The DPS Press on our social media platforms, we aim to amplify its reach and share the stories and accomplishments featured within this publication with a broader audience.

We want your help facilitating the publication of The DPS Press’ inaugural edition on our school’s social media channels. Your cooperation in helping us share this significant achievement would be invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Warm regards,

Nusrat Jahan

Head of Clubs


 Please click on the link below to view “The DPS Press.”



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