• Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum in Pre-Primary.
  • To ensure a global standard in education, the school follows the entire set of Cambridge international curriculum from Primary to Grade 12.

A balanced, enjoyable and rigorous curriculum

From the time our youngest children enter the school in Nursery, to the time when they leave for university, DPS-STS students are encouraged to engage with our rigorous curriculum and participate fully in an enriching co-curricular programme, which we think is every bit as important as their academic work.

We believe that students, whatever their age, learn best when they are happy and are happiest when they are learning, and we know that to enter the best universities around the world young people need to grow as fully-rounded individuals.

We monitor academic progress carefully, supporting students as they learn to take responsibility for their own learning. In this way they gain confidence and acquire the skills, habits and knowledge they will need for their future lives.

Online and on-campus

Glenrich School is fully committed to a 21st century view of teaching and learning, which takes place both online and on campus. We have developed our teaching programme for children of all ages in the knowledge that any modern curriculum must take place online in addition to the learning opportunities that our students have on campus.

Learning from the start: Pre-Primary

Nursery to Foundation Stage 2

We believe that children who take part in a well organised programme of learning from the age of two to five have an enormous advantage not only when starting our flagship Cambridge curriculum, but also later in life.

Our Pre-primary curriculum begins in our Nursery classes at the age of two and is completed after three years. The programme of study is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum from the UK, which sets the standards for learning, development and care for children to the age of five.

The Cambridge International curriculum

Cambridge Foundation grade to Grade 12

Having completed the Pre-primary programme, children are fully prepared for starting their programme of Cambridge International learning, which begins in our Cambridge Foundation Year, aged 5, and is completed in Grade 12 at the age of 19.

The Cambridge International curriculum provides an outstanding opportunity for students to learn through an internationally renowned English-language curriculum. Cambridge International focuses on the individual, engaging children in their own learning and challenging them through inspiring and innovative experiences to develop a lifelong passion for learning that will enable them to grasp all the opportunities that life offers.

Learning is enjoyable as children flourish, becoming confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and resourceful young adults who have completed Cambridge International IGCSE, AS and A Level courses which are recognised by the World’s top universities and employers as a lifelong passport to success.



Glenrich School Dhaka is an English medium school that follows its entire curriculum in English. We also offer other languages- such as French and Hindi. Interested students can also take these language courses additionally.



The parents can assuredly repose faith in the sincerity of purpose and dedication of the faculty. We are confident that the students will find their educational experience at Glenrich School both fruitful and rewarding. Glenrich School spares no efforts to make the overall experience of our students meaningful and relevant to the socio-economic needs of the times. Our faculties work tirelessly to equip our youthful pupils with the required skills and resources to face the challenges of the future for leading the society from the front. Our teachers ensure that the learning process for the students always remains enjoyable as well as educational.

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