Grade 5-9: Mid Term Examination Schedule

Dear Students/Parents,

Attached please find the Mid Term Examination Schedule.

Grade 5               Grade 6                Grade 7               Grade 8              Grade 9

For any clarification or support regarding the  Mid Term Examination, please write to:

Senior Section:
Ms Sangeeta: sangeeta.deedwania@dpsstsdhaka.org
Mr Ranjith:     ranjith@dpsstsdhaka.org

Middle Section:
Ms. Kumkum Habiba: kumkum.jahan@dpsstsdhaka.org
Mr. Ilham Adnan: adnan@dpsstsdhaka.org
Alternatively, you can contact the school by phone at 01844277241, 01844277242.

Best regards

From the Authority of
Glenrich School Dhaka
Senior Section

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