DPS Psychosocial Helpline Service Started

DPS Psychosocial Helpline Service


Dear all, 

At Glenrich School Dhaka, students’ physical and mental health is given paramount importance. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our students get the best help and support to remain physically and mentally fit. We have initiated a physical fitness test and guidance system which will benefit all our students. Our pastoral counsellors are working hard to create necessary awareness of mental health and offer all the support to needy students. 

Continuing our efforts to support our students, we are launching our first-ever psychosocial response helpline for its students and parents which will be even after school hours. They can reach out for support any time of the day by sending an email or dropping texts through WhatsApp. Our in-house psychologists, Ms Sumaya Afrin and Ms Tahneena M. will respond to the emails and texts within the shortest possible time based on the severity of their needs. The confidentiality of the emails and messages will be maintained at all costs. 

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