Let the students discover many aspects of school life resulting in happy and active childhood…


An inspiring a vision of providing quality, cost effective education with diverse aspects of education which would lead to happy and creative children was envisioned by the creative futurists of the STS group and they were motivated to establish such an educational institution in Dhaka. STS Group is one of the most prestigious corporate houses in Bangladesh. With such high ideals in mind, the STS Group formed a joint venture with the Delhi Public School Society (DPSS), a pioneer in education, which has founded over 200 Schools in 13 countries worldwide since 1949. So, in 2009 with the cooperation of the STS group, DPS- STS School, Dhaka has started its journey towards spreading the light of quality education.


The Delhi Public School Society is committed and honour bound to fulfil its objectives as well as promise of imparting quality education with focus on its diverse aspects. In a journey spanning just over half a century, the DPS Society has emerged as one of the largest educational societies of the World, and in establishing and maintaining Schools of eminence, it has kept its promise of imparting quality education with an envious degree of success.


At DPSS we believe in providing a holistic education to equip its students to lead their generation and the next in welcoming and leading others in the future, it has to ensure that its infrastructure and human resources have the means and flexibility to keep pace with the changing times and adopt modern educational practices in vogue, while not forgetting the time tested values that foster excellence. A large measure of this success is owed to its distinguished and enlightened Board of Governors who have had the foresight and vision to enable the Delhi Public Schools to reach great heights.


STS Group consists of two companies, STS Holdings Ltd. and STS Educational Group Ltd. It is the other equally important partner of this joint venture, inspired by the same ideology, offering international standard education and healthcare services with the help of the participation of local and foreign sponsors. After having achieved crowning success in the industrial sector and making significant contributions in that field and with a bold vision to accomplish milestones in the education and healthcare sectors, STS with its 17 years experience has already placed a strong foothold in Bangladesh through Apollo Hospitals Dhaka(the only JCI accredited hospital in Bangladesh) and International School Dhaka (ISD) (the first IB School in Bangladesh), managed by the Council of International Schools (CIS), ISD got accreditation from New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) as well as from International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).


The DPS- STS School has been established on the ideological basis that will lead to their students discovering many aspects of School life besides academics, that will result in happy, healthy and eager to learn children. Thus, it has been designed in such a way that it will help young children prepare themselves for a life of usefulness and constructive enterprise in this competitive World, enabling them to make a significant contribution to society and help them to weather the vicissitudes of life with equanimity , besides living rich, meaningful and satisfying lives. The School is following the Cambridge curriculum.


The School has classes from Play Group to Grade 12 and students are prepared for Cambridge IGCSE (Age group 14 – 16 years) and for the A level (Age Group 16 -18 Years). Their curriculum helps them build strong characters and inculcate the abiding virtues of integrity and moral values. The system of education adopted by the School is pioneering and resourceful wherein the students are treated as individuals whereby they learn to do, learn to think and learn to apply knowledge and skills acquired. The School strives to provide the kind of education with which the children are ready to face the challenges of life.


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