Students-Led Conference and STEAM Carnival (Grade 9)

Dear Parents, 
The teachers have planned two major events for the students of Grades 1-9 to boost their learning outcomes and enhance their confidence levels in communication. I request you support your child in participating in the Students Led Conference and STEAM Carnival. 
1. Students-Led Conference
Grades 1-4: 3rd September
Grades 5-9: 24th September
  • Develop confidence to communicate with people effectively
  • Remove stage fright and improve articulation
  • Reinforce learned concepts
Structure and Guidelines:
  • Teaching is the best way to learn. Students will explain what they learnt in each topic in two months
  • The students will be allotted topic/topics based on their preferences
  • They can prepare properties or use a PowerPoint
  • A rehearsal will be conducted beforehand
  • Each student must bring 3-4 people (parents, guardians, neighbours or relatives)
  • A set of 8-10 students along with their parents will be allotted an hourly slot and students should present to the audience.
  • Each student will get a certificate and the top 3 presenters will get a prize later
  • After each presentation, there will be a 2-3 minute Q & A session
  • Parents can video record their child’s presentation
  • Student Rapporteurs will be appointed to observe all the presentations and make a detailed report
2. STEAM Carnival (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
Grades 5-9: 5th November 
Grades 1-4: 17th December
  • Enhances scientific enquiry and opportunities to hone communication skills
  • Build confidence to speak to an audience and remove stage fright
  • Opportunities to learn by doing
  • Students are free to choose any working model in Science or Mathematics or create an Artwork with the help of teachers
  • Students should start working on them from now during their free time at home
  • Teachers will check their progress and offer necessary guidance
  • A rehearsal will be done in November for which students should bring their working model/artwork to the school for a demonstration
  • Students can invite their parents, friends, relatives and neighbours to visit their stall to see their demonstration during the STEAM Carnival
For more details, please contact:
HOD-English, Mr Shamim Hosen, shamim.hosen@dpsstsdhaka.org
HOD-Bangla, Ms Sarwat Akil, sarwat.akil@dpsstsdhaka.org
HOD-Maths, Ms Mahua Bhattacharya, mahua@dpsstsdhaka.org
HOD -Biology, Ms Esha Roy, esha.roy@dpsstsdhaka.org
HOD- Foreign languages, Art and EM, Ms Sangeeta Taunk, sangeeta.deedwania@dpsstsdhaka.org

HOD-Physics Mr Hans Ankur Bypari, hans.byapari@dpsstsdhaka.org
HOD-Chemistry ,Sakila Sarmin, sakila.sarmin@dpsstsdhaka.org
HOD-CSc, Mr Ranjith S, ranjith@dpsstsdhaka.org
HOD-Business Studies, Ms Tarana Majid Ahmed, tarana.ahmed@dpsstsdhaka.org
HOD-Accounting, Mr. Azad Rahaman, azad.rahaman@dpsstsdhaka.org
HOD-Economics, Ms Shegufta Hasan Khan, shegufta.khan@dpsstsdhaka.org

Head of Upper Secondary, Tarana Ahmed, tarana.ahmed@dpsstsdhaka.org
Dean of Academics, Upper Secondary, Sangeeta Taunk, sangeeta.deedwania@dpsstsdhaka.org
Asst. Dean of Academics, Upper Secondary, Ranjith S, ranjith@dpsstsdhaka.org

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