SIM Card Pro-forma

SIM Card Pro-forma



It is mandatory for the below SIM pro-forma to be filled by parents before collecting the SIM card from the School.


I, _______________________________, father/mother of _______________________________ belonging to Grade:__________________ am accepting the SIM card number __________________________ being allocated by DPS STS School to my ward for the duration of online classes. I undertake full responsibility that the SIM card will be used by my ward only for the purpose of DPS STS School’s online classes and that the SIM card will not be used for any other purposes, including but not restricted to unlawful activities. I acknowledge that the School reserves full authority to discontinue the SIM card at any time in the future without providing any reason whatsoever. I undertake to return the SIM card whenever so required by the School.






IMP: Please note that the SIM card would take between 3-4 days to get activated after being collected.

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