Dear Parent:
I take this opportunity to warmly welcome you all to the new session 2020-21, which starts on 1 July 2020. With a hope that you all are safe and keeping healthy with your families, I am sure your children are also looking forward eagerly to attend the new session’s online classes and meet their friends and teachers alike, once again.
At the start of this new session, I am listing out a few very important points and information for your records. I request you to please keep a copy of this email for your records.
  • Books and free Internet SIM card collection from School (3 and 4 July, 2020):
    • I am pleased to inform you that the books and free Internet SIM cards for your ward’s grade will be available for distribution from the Junior School as per the below schedule:
      • Grade 8 to Grade 12: Friday, 3 July, 9 AM to 9 PM
      • New section Nursery to Grade 7: Saturday, 4 July, 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Books’ payment before collecting them from School:
  • List of exercise notes and stationery that parents’ have to purchase from outside on their own:
  • Free Internet SIM Card pro-forma (sign and please bring while collecting books):
  • How to use the parents’ portal to pay pending fees: https://portal.dpsstsdhaka.org
    • Tuition fee, book amount and other payments can also be made easily using the parents’ portal.
    • Logging instructions and payment FAQs are provided for your benefit at: http://www.dpsstsdhaka.org/Portal_logging_fee_payment_faqs
    • bKash payment: You can also pay any fee in advance using our bKash number: 01313487775. We also have bKash/cash counters set up at the School to collect your payments. However, to reduce human contact during these times, we strongly recommend paying before you come to collect the books. Please see http://www.dpsstsdhaka.org/bKash_payment_system_activated for more details.
    • Write to it@dpsstsdhaka.org if you have any issues in logging in; but please first follow the steps mentioned in the above FAQs.
  • Google Meet logging instructions for all registered students:
  • School uniform during online classes:
    • While it is not mandatory, yet, students are encouraged to wear their school uniforms during online classes to ensure a common feel of class participation.
Dear Parent,
I hope the above instructions are comprehensive and cover all important aspects of your child’s education into the new session. Once again, I wish you and your ward the best for the new School session and look forward to meeting you all online soon.
Thank you and warm regards,
Madhu Wal
DPS STS School Dhaka

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