Revised On-campus Schedule for Grades 10-12

Dear Parents,


We thank you for your constant support and cooperation in running on-campus classes.

The last two years were quite different from any school year and now as we return on campus, we wish to provide maximum support to our students so that they can achieve their highest potential. We wish to inform you that the students of Grades 10 to 12 will now have on-campus classes on all working days commencing from the next week.


On-Campus Class timings for Grades 10 to 12


From Sunday to Thursday:                                           On-campus classes

Arrival Time:                                                               8:15 a.m.

Departure time:                                                          2:10 p.m.


We strongly encourage the students to attend these classes on campus and therefore will not continue with any online support. We can understand the concern of a very few students who are abroad or facing serious medical issues, only those parents can communicate with the Principal providing all supporting documents.

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