Regarding the Fee Payment Schedule

Dear Parents, 
Many parents informed us that they wanted to know why the fee payment schedule is changed. We would like to inform you that as a standard practice the fee payment terms should start and end during the school working months. This year, the school year started in June 2022 and will end in April 2023. Hence, the fee instalment starts and ends within the session. We do not want to disturb parents to come to school for paying the fee during the summer break. 
We assure you that there is NO double charging of the fee for any month. It is just that the fee for the whole session is divided into 10 instalments and collected from June to April this session. 
We request you to kindly cooperate with us. 
Should you have any queries kindly e-mail the Accounts Department at accounts@dpsstsdhaka.org.
Warm regards

Dr Shivananda CS

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