Promotion Policy (Grades 8 and 9)

Dear Parents (Grades 8 & 9)

Greetings from DPS STS School Dhaka!

As the Midterm exams are approaching, we would like to draw your attention to the promotion policy of our school.

Please note that we will adhere to the following points for promotion of our students to the next Grade –


1. Each student is required to get a qualifying grade ‘D’ or above in all the subjects offered during Final Term Examination.

2. If a student fails to secure a minimum of Grade ‘D’  in more than three subjects, he/she will be detained in the same grade. However  if the student fails in three or less subjects, he/she will be given a chance for supplementary tests  before the beginning of the next session.

3.  If a student scores less than grade ‘D’ in the supplementary test in one of the optional subjects, the child will be allowed to drop the subject and be promoted to the next Grade.

4. If the child does not get the qualifying Grade in two or more subjects, in the supplementary test, he/she will be detained in the same Grade.

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