Pre-Primary (PG to KG-II) Students-Led Conference 2023-24

Rehearsal: Prior to the main event, a rehearsal will be conducted to help students fine-tune their presentations.

Audience: Each student will be accompanied by 3-4 individuals, (Parents, guardians, neighbors, or relatives), to attend the event.

Presentation Slots: Sets of 8-10 students and their accompanying parents will be assigned hourly slots for presentations. A few stalls and fun activities will be available for the students and parents to enjoy before and after the presentation slot.

Certificates: Every student who presents will receive a participation certificate.

Q & A Session: Following each presentation, there will be a brief 1–2-minute question and answer session to engage with the audience.

Video Recording: Parents are encouraged to record their child’s presentation to capture this momentous achievement.

Your child’s active involvement in the Students-Led Conference promises not only a rewarding experience for them but also an invaluable opportunity for growth and development. Your presence and encouragement as parents play a vital role in their journey towards becoming confident communicators and lifelong learners.

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