Plan for Grade 10 students from Sunday, 19th December 2021

Dear Parents (Grade 10),

Please note the following regarding our plan for Grade 10 students from Sunday, 19th December 2021.

1. Grade 10 Add Maths test was canceled as the question paper was leaked. So the test has been rescheduled on Sunday, 19th December 2021 for all the students who have opted for the subject.
2. Regular Classes for Grade 10 will start from Monday, 20th December 2021. Teachers will be showing the checked answer scripts to the students. The students will be allowed to take the scripts home and get them signed by their parents.
3. The students will return the signed scripts to the teachers within 2 days. If the student does not return the scripts, we will not declare his/her results.
4. The updated timetable to be followed from 20th December 2021 is attached along with this email.
5. The second screening test for Grade 10 will start from Thursday, 13th January 2021. This test will be mandatory for all the students.
6. From Thursday, 13th January 2022 to Thursday, 27th January 2022, The given schedule will be followed:
-Students will be having additional classes for Add Maths and PEC(for non-add maths students) from 8:20 am – 9:20 am.
-The screening test will start at 9:30 am. Non-exam students will be having their PEC classes.
7. Regular classes for Grade 10 will start from Sunday, 30th January 2022
8. 80% attendance is mandatory till the last teaching day for registering for the board examination.
9. Please consider winter break as a study holiday for the screening test.
10. There will be an interactive session with the principal, vice-principal, dean of academics, and the head of secondary on Monday, 20th December from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm in the auditorium of Sr campus. The below pointers will be discussed:
-Preparation plan for the board exam- teacher groups will be created to help students on specific topics.
-Discussion on subject choices for Grade-11 and completing 80% grade-11 by December 2022
-Addressing concerns and grievances of the students and the parents.

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