Notice- Regarding physical school, attendance and exam (grades 8 to 12)

Dear Parents

We are very happy to see your wards attending physical school regularly. We strongly encourage students to come to physical school as we will be shortly stopping the live broadcasts.

Also, please note that it is mandatory for a child to attend homeroom from 8.30am to 9am. If for any genuine reason, your child is coming to school after homeroom period, he/she must meet the class teacher so that he/she can be marked present for the day. Please note that your child has to report to school on time. Students who have been invited for PEC classes, must come to school by 8.15am. PEC classes start from 8.20am. At 8.55am, they need to report to homeroom for giving attendance.

Furthermore, please note that screening exams will only be conducted only physically in school.

You will be glad to know that from 1st December, Wednesday, we will run physical classes on all five days for grades 8 and 9.

We again thank you for your cooperation and kind understanding.


DPS STS School Dhaka

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