Notice – Middle School Grades 5-7

Dear Parents:


The following information applies to all students who received ‘W’ (Withheld) grades in one or more of their subjects in the First Term Performance Reports.

Students have the opportunity to update the ‘W’ (Withheld) grade to a regular grade. 

Parents, on behalf of their ward/s, will need to apply to the subject teacher (by October 26 – Tuesday) to get the ‘W’ grade upgraded to a regular grade. 

The ‘W’ grade can be upgraded by ensuring the following:

  1. Students who scored below the PASS mark (50%)  in the subject Test/s in the 1st Term Exam, will need to sit for an improvement test on the same subject syllabus at a date set in the first / second week of November. Based on the performance of the student in that subject’s improvement test, a new grade will be assigned by the subject teacher and the First Term Performance Report will be updated accordingly.

  1. Please also note that students who scored below the PASS mark (50%) in Internal Assessment of a subject / subjects will need to submit Assignment/s (to be fixed by the respective subject teachers) no later than October 31, 2021. The student’s ‘W’ grade will be updated after the subject teachers score the submitted assignment/s.

  1. Please also note the makeup exam schedule is shared in the attachment. The results of the Makeup exams will be published on November 11, 2021

If parents do not agree to the rules stated above, the ‘W’ will be listed as an ‘F’ grade in the student’s Performance Report.


Please send your applications (by email) to the respective subject teachers by October 26, 2021 (Tuesday) at the latest.

Makeup Exam schedule – For Withheld Grades – Session 2021-22


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