Mid Term Examination Schedule (Grade 9)

Dear Parents

Please find the details regarding Midterm Examination for Grade 9

Ø  The Exams will begin from Sunday, 16th January 2022. The Time table and consolidated syllabus for all subjects has been attached herewith.

Ø  These exams will be conducted physically for all students. No student will be permitted to appear online.

Ø  We will continue to observe all the safety protocols strictly. We request you take all essential health and safety precautions to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Ø All eligible Bangladeshi students are provided with an opportunity to get vaccinated. We have completed vaccinating close to 800 students already. The next cohort of vaccination happens on 22nd December and communication is being sent to all the parents today.

Ø  Overall marks will be calculated in the following manner: 80 % Test score + 20% Internal Assessment ( Assignments done throughout the term).

Ø  If your ward has any pending assignment, please ensure that he/she completes it and submit it before 21st Dec 2021.

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