Notice for the First Term Post Examination PTM Grades: 5-12

Notice for the First Term Post Examination PTM

Grades: 5-12

Session: 2022-23

PTM Date: September 27, 9am-1pm (Tuesday)

Dear Parents,

The First Term Examination results will be posted on the ERP on September 26, Monday after school hours (3 pm).

Please join us on Campus September 27, Tuesday for the First Term Post-Examination PTM to be held from 9 am to 1 pm.

You can meet with the Class Teachers in their respective Homerooms for the time mentioned.

Many of the Class Teachers are also Subject teachers, so parents would need to follow the Classroom / Class Teacher list to meet with the subject teachers. To meet with any other teacher, you can ask the Class Teacher, Section Head or Reception Desk.

When you visit the campus on September 27, directions and a list of teachers assigned to classrooms will be posted near the entrance and the Lifts so that you can find the subject teachers who are assigned to different classrooms.

We look forward to your presence at the Parent Teacher Meeting. This meeting will facilitate a personal interaction with you, your child and the teachers. We look forward to discussing the well-being and academic progress of your child with you.

DPS STS School Dhaka

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