Message from the Head of Pre – Primary

Message from the Head of Pre – Primary


On behalf of the whole team, I’m delighted to welcome you to the Pre – Primary Family at DPS STS School Dhaka. I take immense pride in leading the Pre – Primary which is close to my heart. I take it as an opportunity to provide high-quality education and childcare in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for life–long learning. Since joining DPS STS school, I have felt encouraged and humbled to be part of a dynamic team. At DPS, we enjoy working with parents, children, and families during these vital early years to provide the highest quality care and education. A small step starts with a great idea that grows in our hearts to inspire change. The prodigious gift we have in this world is children. They are what we endeavor. I became an Early Years Educator because I want to make a change in the lives of children. I believe motivating the hearts and minds of young children is the solution to creating a better world. I have worked with children for nearly 20 years, getting to know their needs and how best to educate them. Each child I have worked with has enticed me to ascertain new findings to unlock their hidden talents. This has steered my journey to instill a passion in early childhood development.

Today’s world is growing and we as educationists need to prepare children for their holistic development. Pressure for result-oriented education is increasing and it is becoming a significant aspect for all families. Although academics are important, we need to take learning further and prepare children to think critically and creatively, learn through collaboration and communicate effectively, learn independently, adapt to change, have the courage to take chances, and have the resilience and motivation to achieve their goal.

The present day’s children need to be ready for the future. Thereupon how do we make the young learners ready? What do we do to make certain learning part of their journey? Are our children ready to learn constructively? Do they have the resources they need to triumph in school? Are we as parents and educators assisting them effectively? These questions drive us regularly to create an Early Years community that supports our children’s development and progress. I believe, together we can create a positive change. Together we can do more to enhance education and support our children to be prepared with the necessary skills to be successful at school and throughout their lives. We can educate ourselves to better educate our children. Now is the time to make a lasting change, and Education is the key.

Dushani Rajaratnam
Head of Pre – Primary


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