Key guidelines on school reopening | Grade 8

Dear Parents of Grade 08


We are very excited to welcome our students on Monday, 13 September 2021. You have already received detailed school reopening guidelines on 09 September 2021. Please see the key guidelines once again for your information and necessary action please:

  1. Students should wear a mask or double mask at all times covering nose and mouth fully, sanitize their hands frequently and maintain a safe distance. Please send a pair of additional masks and personal sanitizer with your child.
  2. Please inform us if any of your family members have any COVID symptoms and do not send your child to the school for the next 14 days.
  3. Please guide your child to carry necessary textbooks (if you have purchased), notebooks and the stationery as per the timetable.
  4. Please send healthy snacks and personal water bottles with your child.
  5. Your child should also bring personal hand sanitizer and sanitize their hands frequently.
  6. Please instruct your child to maintain 3 ft. distance from his/her friends sitting next to him/her at all times.
  7. Please instruct your child to wear School’s polo shirt/or any other t-shirt until further notice with track pants or wear a semi-formal dress.
  8. While your child is visiting the washroom, he/she should wait outside if there are more than 5 students.
  9. Your child is allowed to carry his/her mobile phone (keypad phone only) for safety.
  10. Please send your child’s passport size photo, parents and guardians photographs if you want to get a new “Parents Authorization Card”.


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