Invitation for Students’ Led Conference (Grade 1-4)

Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the first ever Students Led Conference for Grades 1-4 on Saturday, 3rd September ’22 in the respective classrooms of the Junior School Campus. For each student, a minimum of two and a maximum of four parents/guardians can attend. The respective class teacher will give a specific time slot to you soon.

Both the students and the teachers have started working on it. I request you to support your child to participate in the Students Led Conference by helping them to rehearse at home or to make a PowerPoint/Chart/Model, etc. We are all looking forward to seeing our students talking confidently to an audience and demonstrating their learning.

A few guidelines:

  • The students can prepare properties or use a PowerPoint or they can do it without any of them
    • If they use any PowerPoint/Poster/Chart, they must submit the same to the respective class teacher by the 25th of August ’22.
    • Each student may invite 2-4 people (parents, guardians, neighbours, or relatives)
  • The students are allowed to carry notes and parents/teachers can give prompts if needed
  • SLC is not a test or a competition; it is a platform for all the students to demonstrate their learning and hone their communication skills
    • The parents must listen to all the presentations scheduled in each slot. The students and the parents are requested not to move out of the presentation session till all the 10 students completed their part.
    • Each student will get an appreciation certificate for active participation
  • After each presentation, there will be a 2-3 minute Q & A session
  • Parents can video record their child’s presentation
  • Please encourage and motivate your child to do their best, but do not have very high expectations as this will create unnecessary stress for them.

Let us motivate our children to enjoy preparing for the conference.

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