Introducing Students Self Assessment and Reflection (Grades 3 to 9)

Dear Parents, 
Self Assessment has been rated as one of the highest learning influencers by Prof John Hattie in his groundbreaking research on visible learning. 
Self-assessment and reflections [SAR] are the most excellent tools for learning and reinforcement. It will help our children to be focused on all and self-aware. We have made this self-assessment and reflection tool to help our students realize the importance of humility, empathy, grit, being smart and strong, helpfulness, courteousness, and time management. Many students might be following them already; SAR will reinforce the same.
At Glenrich School, we believe that students need to be aware of essential tenets of life which can shape their lives into happy and successful ones. 
a. This self-assessment task aims to encourage students and parents to understand the importance of various tenets to be followed for a child’s development and enhancement of capabilities. 
b. Students can rate their own behaviour and performance on various criteria based on facts and parents can supervise the same- parents should not enforce anything; instead, encourage their children for self-evaluation and reflection. 
c. Students should be consistent in their rating; not lenient or strict but factual and justify with facts. 
d. Parents have the responsibility of providing all the necessary help and support to their child in meeting the below-mentioned criteria; also to demonstrate ideal behaviour for their child, so that he or she can learn from them. 
e. This self-assessment is done once in two months. Rating: A, M, S, N
Always: A 
Mostly: M 
Sometimes: S 
Never: N   
If the SAR battery is administered properly, it creates room for improvement on the important virtues and tenets.

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