Important updates from the School for the Session 2022-23

Dear Parents,

We hope that all of you are doing well and that our children are doing well. You will be glad to know that our students have been doing exceptionally well in their board examinations. 
We thank you for your support through the year 2021-22. We successfully completed summer camp for pre-primary students and are now preparing to start for primary and secondary students on 5th June. The vacant seats for the session 2022-23 are filling up fast. Thanks to your positive word of mouth which is spread in the parents’ community. 
The school is now getting ready to welcome the students for the new session 2022-23. The classes for Grade 11-12 will begin on 19th June and the students from the other classes will start their new session on 28th June. The parents’ orientation schedule will be shared with you soon. 
The uniform sale has already commenced. Please contact the uniform vendor Ms Mary-01754592518 & Ms Sweaty-01307485788 (for Junior School), Ms Kona-01933465524 & Ms Lima-01646997245 (for Senior School). Emergency contact: Ms Farhana K. Khan, 01717322988, hamzas_wear@yahoo.com
The fee schedule for all grades is uploaded on the school website. We advise the parents to kindly keep a copy of the same for their records. We request you to pay the 1st installment by 20th June and collect the student’s new ID card.
Please pay the school fee on time to help us implement all the school programmes smoothly. The school does not want the parents to pay a late fee of Tk 1000. Kindly cooperate. 
For more details, please contact the school
Jr School: Ms Farzana, 01844277245, farzana.rashid@dpsstsdhaka.org
Sr School: Ms Afroza, 01844277242, afroza.alam@dpsstsdhaka.org & Mr Parvez, 01844277241, shohidullah.parvez@dpsstsdhaka.org
Warm regards, 
Dr Shivananda CS

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