IMPORTANT | Revised health safety protocol for students of grades 10-12

Dear Parents


Congratulations to your child on completing the first week of on-campus classes.


We wholeheartedly appreciate you and your child’s cooperation in this regard.


To ensure a more safe on-campus schooling experience we have slightly revised our health safety protocol who are intentionally violating the safety protocol inside the school.


General Health Safety Guidelines


1. Students should wear a mask or double mask at all times covering their nose and mouth fully.


2. Students have to sanitize their hands frequently.


3. Please instruct your child to maintain a 03 ft. distance from his/her friends sitting next to him/her at all times.


4. Please send a pair of additional masks and personal sanitizer with your child.


5. Please inform us if any of your family members have any COVID symptoms and do not send your child to the school for the next 14 days.


6. While your child is visiting the washroom, he/she should wait outside if there are more than 5 students.


7. Gathering or mingling anywhere inside the campus is strictly prohibited.


Consequences of Intentional Violations of Safety Protocols


1. Subject teachers of grades 10-12 will be constantly reminding all the students of the safety protocols.


2. If a student is found not complying with the safety protocols the following actions are to be taken:


1st time: The student will be asked to stay in a separate room for an hour.

2nd time: The student will be asked to stay in a separate room for an hour. The teacher will inform the parents on the same day about this issue.

3rd time: Respective parents will be asked to take the students from the school premises. These students will not be allowed to do physical classes on that day.


You are cordially requested to communicate the same to your child and this policy will be effective from Sunday, 19 September 2021.


Warm regards,


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Shivananda CS


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