Important Notice for Grade 10

Dear Parents and Students of Grade 10

As per the latest update, Cambridge is certain to hold the May-June 2022 exam series safely and securely. To ensure that the students are well prepared for the same, we have the following plan for the students of Grade 10:

  1. MOCK 2 Examination: We have already shared the schedule for the Mock-2 Examination. This will help the students get sufficient practice to write a physical examination. If any student has a genuine reason/concern for not appearing for the same, please write to us well in advance so that we may help you accordingly.
  2. Crash Course: After the MOCK Exams, our teachers have planned Crash courses for all the subjects. During this time, the students will get a better opportunity to revise all the important topics and key concepts that they have studied for exam preparation. We will soon share a detailed plan for the same.
  3. Session on ‘School Expectations and Important Guidelines: We are also hosting a session with the students of Grade 10 on Wednesday 23 March 2022 from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm in the School Auditorium. During the session, the Principal along with the Senior Leadership Team will share the ‘School Expectations and Important Guidelines’ for the next session. We will also address any queries and concerns for board exam preparations. It is mandatory for all students to attend this session.
In case you are not attending the school that day, you may join the session online using the following link

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