Important Announcements for Grades 05-07

Important Announcements for Grades 05-07


1)      We encourage your child to attend on-campus classes by following Covid Safety protocols. You must understand that LIVE BROADCASTING is not an option, rather it is only for the convenience of the students who have genuine reasons not to attend physical classes, such as sickness. From 9/03/22, Wednesday, we request all the parents to mail the respective class teachers if their children cannot attend on-campus classes and need broadcasting of classes with the relevant documents by 8 am on that very day. If not, your child will be marked ABSENT and you will receive an SMS accordingly.

2)      Every day, the class attendance is taken at 8:30 am by the homeroom teacher. Subject wise attendance will not be taken from 9th March 2022. Online attendance will not be considered unless it is approved by the respective homeroom teacher a day in advance and urgent cases by 8.00 am on that respective day.

3)      Since our Final Term Examination will be starting from the 2nd of April, at the verge of the holy month of Ramadan, we have decided to conduct the final term exam ONLINE from Grades 5 to 7.

4)      We are resuming swimming classes an alternate week for boys and girls. Students need to wear appropriate swimsuits and follow safety guidelines. Detailed instructions and the allotted time will be specified by the swimming coaches.

Should you have further queries kindly write to Ms Kumkum Habiba Jahan, Head of Middle Section, kumkum.jahan@dpsstsdhaka.org.

Dr Shivananda CS


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