Notice for First Term Report Card 2020-21 Grade: Cambridge Foundation (CF)

Dear Parents,

The First Term Report Cards of Cambridge Foundation (CF) will be emailed to you on Saturday, 10th October 2020 by 11:00 am. You are requested to check your personal email accounts to download the attachment and  view your  ward’s progress report.

An online Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) will be held on Thursday, 15th October 2020.

Please note:

The regular online classes of CF will remain suspended on Thursday, 15th October 2020.

An email notification will be sent with the meeting details and the same will also be posted on the Google Classrooms on or before 12th October, 2020.

We request all parents to adhere to the time slot that will be given for PTM to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Thank you.

Madhu Wal


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