Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 rocked by Warfaze, Miles and Karnival

Warfaze, Miles and Karnival rocked Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0

The Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 was held with much fanfare on 4th March 2023, at the football ground of the Senior School campus, and it was a great success with a massive crowd filling the entirety of the concert ground. Various rock bands, some formed by school students, performed at the Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0.
The concert started with the performance of Bae by Scholastica Mirpur students who played a cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s my life.’ They were followed by new sensations Majhpoth, Rockfish by Rajuk School and College students, and HammerHeads by Sir John Wilson School students. Among the school bands, HammerHeads got the loudest cheers for their performance of ‘Tumi ki shara dibe,’ with the crowd asking for more songs from them. They were followed by a band reuniting after 19 years called Drafted, who covered U2’s ‘With Or Without You.’
After these performances, the headlining bands of Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 performed for the fully occupied concert ground. First Warfaze rocked the socks of the students and parents, with performances of their famous tracks such as ‘Purnota’ and ‘Joto Durey Thako’ and a few others. They also performed covers of Guns N Roses’s ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It.’ Then Miles took the stage and rocked the crowd, which also had many teachers and parents getting lost in nostalgia, with tracks such as ‘Neela,’ ‘Dhiki Dhiki Alo Jole,’ and ‘Firiye Dao.’ They also played an amazing cover of Bryan Adams’ ‘Summer of 69.’ Finally, the Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 was brought to an end by a mesmerising performance of original tracks of psychedelic rock by the band Karnival.
This year’s Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0 was title sponsored by Shaheda Higher Education Consultancy, and closely supported by K’a’rcher, Vintage Engineering Limited, Bravat, Aqua Paints, Shopnodhara Asset Developments Ltd., Shopno Tour and Bank Asia.
The music of this video belongs to the original artists of each song, and these small snippets of the songs were included to reveal the famous rock numbers that were covered as a tribute to the original artists in this year’s Glenrich Rock Fest 3.0.

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