DPS STS Robotics & AI Club

DPS STS Robotics & AI Club

Dear Parent,

Once the robotic and AI kits arrive, the DPS STS Robotics & AI Club will soon get started. Although there are more students registered for this session, we will start with fewer groups.

Please bear in mind that there are only a limited number of seats available, therefore we will be selecting based on who arrives first. Please make sure that the payment for the course is made in the Accounts Department by December 21, 2022, in order to confirm the seats.

Programme Details:
Starting Date: Email notification will be sent well in advance.
Category: After School Program
Course Duration: 6 months
Session Duration: 2 sessions per week of 1 hour duration
Course fee: BDT. 23000

Join us in this exciting programme to learn about robotics!

Contact information
Junior High School:
Airin Tisha: airin.tisha@dpsstsdhaka.org
Fariya Lara: fariya.lara@dpsstsdhaka.org

Senior High School:
S. Ranjith: ranjith@dpsstsdhaka.org
Thouhidul Islam: thouhidul.islam@dpsstsdhaka.org


Best wishes
DPS STS School Dhaka

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