Glenrich Credits and Consequences Chart (CAC) – Grades 3 to 12 | Please Share Your Thoughts

Dear Students and Parents, (Grades 3-12)

A significant part of the vision of the Glenrich School, Dhaka focuses on developing a “Growth Mindset” in all its staff and students. Please learn more about the growth mindset from Carol Dweck here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiiEeMN7vbQ.

We believe in continuous improvement in our policies, procedures and approaches (Kaizen technique: https://tinyurl.com/4shfjfae). Based on the suggestions received from teachers and parents, we have come up with a refined tool “Credits and Consequences Chart” (CAC) to help our students to be responsible and disciplined in their actions and behaviour. We encourage our students’ actions and behaviour which help them to succeed in their lives and enable them to make a difference in society. We discourage actions and behaviour which do not add value to their lives and deprive them of opportunities to excel.

“Credits and Consequences” (CAC) is a list of rewards, recognitions for desirable actions and consequences for all unacceptable actions and behaviours. Consequences should not be perceived as punishments, instead, they should be looked at as reformatory measures taken by the school which discourage the repetition of unacceptable behaviour and encourage the students to reform themselves.  Please find the 7th draft of the CAC in the attachment and scrutinize the same. We seek your suggestions to refine it further before implementing it on 1st September 2022 for grades 3-12. Please write to the Principal and the segment heads with your suggestions, feedback and objections (if any) within the 30th of August. In case of not receiving your feedback from respective students and parents, we will presume that you welcome the implementation of CAC in its proposed form.

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