Dear Parents,

Please be informed that 1st Term & Cyclic Examination results will be published on the ERP portal on Thursday, 15th October, 2020. Parents can download the results from the school portal.

The PTM for Senior School (Grades 5-12) will take place from 17th October (Saturday) to 18th October (Sunday) from 9:30 am to 3 pm.  10-minute slots will be provided to each student / parent according to their roll numbers during this time. Links for the Google Meet sessions will be provided to you before the PTM. There will be no regular classes on Sunday, 18th October 2020.

As this is an online PTM,  Homeroom Teachers will meet with  each student / parent for 10 minutes. The time slots are fixed according to their roll numbers so that all parents can participate at the PTM. As the time slots are fixed over a period of two days, we urge you to maintain the time frame that will be provided to you so that all parents can join the PTM.

As subject teachers are assigned to different classrooms, you will meet with the Homeroom Teacher to discuss relevant subjects and issues. If you do want to meet with a specific subject teacher, please inform the Home room teacher so that the subject teacher can communicate or meet with you later at another time convenient for both.

On any other issue you can also email:

Head of Lower Secondary (Grades 5-7): Ms Kumkum Habiba
Dean of Academics (Lower Secondary): Mr Ilham Adnan Alam
Head of Senior (Grades 8-12): Ms Tarana Majid
Dean of Academics (Senior): Mr Manoj Kumar
Assistant Dean of Academics (Senior): Ms Sangeeta Deedwania

Madhu Wal