Commencement of On-campus Classes and COVID-19 Protocol

Parents’ Actions:

  1. a)Please discuss all the pointers mentioned in the “Student Actions” in detail with your child and offer support to follow them.


  1. b)If your child or any member of the family has any symptoms of COVID, please do not send them to the school. Also, immediately notify the school about it.


  1. c)If your child develops any symptoms in the school, we will notify you. Please be ready to pick up your child promptly and offer necessary medical help.


  1. d)Please pick up and drop your child off at the school on time. Please do not delay in receiving your child.


  1. f)Please help your child to carry a personal water bottle, hand sanitiser, necessary notebooks, textbooks and stationery.
  1. g)Please help the school to make the on-campus schooling experience a pleasant one.

Should you have any queries kindly contact:

I wish a smooth and joyful on-campus experience to all.

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