Clubs Run by DPS STS School

Dear Parents/ Students

Below is the list of clubs run by DPS STS School Dhaka. If your child is interested in it, he/she can join the following clubs’ classes or send an email to Ms.Shalini Agarwalla (shalini.agarwalla@dpsstsdhaka.org).
DPS STS Community Club (Grades 5-12) 
DPS STS Journalism Club  (Grades 6-12)
DPS STS Girlup Club (Grades 5-12)
DPSDC (DPS STS School Debate and Public Speaking Club) (Grades 5-12)
DPS STS Literature Club (Grades 5-12)
DPS STS Student Council Club ( Grades 8-12) 
Best regards,
Dr.Shivananda CS

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