Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards 2022 | Submit Your Nomination  

Dear Students and Parents,

With great pleasure, we would like to inform you all that the Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards has commenced.

The Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards is a global competition in which you can nominate a current primary or secondary teacher for something wonderful they have done.

The nomination process is very simple. Please read the instructions and find the nomination link below:

Anyone can nominate a current teacher – whether you are a pupil, parent, or even another teacher. However, please remember that it is one nomination per person and we will not accept nominations for relatives, partners, or spouses sorry.

Please mention a specific time your teacher did something that you really appreciated – it can be as big or small as you like, just make sure to tell us why it meant so much to you. To help, we have given you four different categories when thinking about what your special teacher did:

– Going above and beyond – e.g. giving up spare time help a student after class hours
– Fantastic pastoral care – showing empathy, care and personal support
– Making the ordinary, extraordinary – innovative lesson ideas and practices
– Opening up the world – preparing students for their futures beyond school

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