Bring your own Device (BYOD) | Grades 5-12

Dear Parents

Education during the Pandemic has seen a revolutionary change all over the world. We all have adapted ourselves very soon to the new method of teaching-learning with the help of technology. DPS STS School was one of the first schools in Bangladesh to introduce online classes soon after the lockdown in March 2020. We achieved a great milestone in online classes and further when the school partially reopened we continued with the blended learning.

On the occasion of regular school opening, we want to continue with blended learning even during in-person classes. We are introducing a new concept for our students from Grades 5 to 12 named “Bring your own Device” from 20 September 2022.

This will be a new experience for students and the school and we will learn the inference for the next month and may extend it to all students for the next academic year.

The following guidelines have been formulated to facilitate the Bring your own Device (BYOD) programme at DPS STS School.

  • To utilize the online resources in the daily teaching-learning practice during the on-campus classes, the students will be allowed to bring a laptop, or tablet (without any sim) to school. Cell phones are not allowed.
  • Gadgets will be considered the essential tool of pedagogical practice, so the BRAND of the gadget is insignificant.
  • All students do not need to bring gadgets to school if they don’t possess one of their own. Teachers will have alternate plans/ enough hard copies to support the students to accomplish their tasks.
  • For research work, students can be in a group to share the gadget, if someone doesn’t prefer to bring the gadget to school.
  • Photographing and browsing social media is BANNED from the school campus.
  • Each student should have their own PASSWORD to unlock the screen.
  • Students will turn on the gadget only when they get permission from their teachers.
  • During Sports or MAD Classes, students will be allowed to keep their gadgets in their own lockers.
  • School authority will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for the damage /loss of students’ gadgets. STUDENTS NEED TO BRING IT AT THEIR OWN RISK.

We will provide your child with a hard copy of the Laptop/tablet Users Agreement. Your child has to submit the signed Laptop/tablet Users Agreement hard copy by 19 September 2022 to his/her class teacher.

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