Board Exam Registration Work Flow CAIE June 2022 and Fee Chart

Dear Parent/Student,

We are planning to start our CAIE May-June 2022 registration process from 20th January 2022. We request you to go through the registration workflow and instruct your child to attend the registration session as per the below process. We are also requesting you to pay your child’s school fees dues (if any) of the session 2021-22 for starting the registration process. The last date of School fee clearance is 19th January 2022.

To attend the registration session students/ parents have to follow the below process-

    1. Students/parents can check the updated screening test marks, school fee payment status from the school portal tab ‘REG. FORM’  by login student’s portal account.

    2. Students have to take a printout of the clearance form if they already achieved the benchmark (50% and above for every subject) for all the opted subjects and have cleared the school fees.

    3. For approval: student has to submit the printed ‘CAIE SCHOOL CLEARANCE FORM FOR REGISTRATION’ along with his/her all the screening test answer scripts signed by parents to the Dean of Academics office (Level 3).

    4. After getting approval/ recommendation from the Dean of Academics, students have to submit the Registration Form to the Board Exam Office (Level 1, Room-106).

    5. After checking the Registration form, the Board exam department will invite students from the google registration room and circulate the registration slot in the google registration room.

    6. With guidance from the Board Exam Department team, the students have to attend the online registration session. After the registration is done, Students will get their soft copy of the Registration summary report (Full Provisional Entry List)  generated from the Cambridge registration portal.

    7. According to the attached ‘Payment Instruction Manual,’ student/parent has to complete the payment to ‘Standard Chartered Bank’ and submit the Green part of the payment slip to the senior school office along with the Printed Registration Summary Report(Full Provisional Entry List), Photocopy of passport of the candidate (First two pages) & Copy of AS Level Result (only for the A2 candidates)

    8. The school will receive the document with acknowledgment.

Students who already cleared all subjects benchmarks and school fees can start the above process from now on. Students who still have not achieved the benchmarks for some subjects in Screening Test 1, will attend the 2nd Screening for getting the subject clearance. We recommend the students to register only after getting the clearance for all subjects.


The school will send the invitation to students through their school-provided emails only.  Please instruct your ward/s to follow the email communications.

The last date of the Normal Registration windows and Registration Documents submission to the school is 3rd February 2022.

The fee Chart, Payment guideline and Registration FAQs are attached. For any queries/ assistance, you can contact Mr. Fazlul Haq @ 01844277452.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Shivananda CS



Registration_Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Fee Chart-CAIE REG 2022

Payment Instruction Manual


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