Bett MEA Awards

DPS STS School Dhaka demonstrates exceptional online learning to continue education amidst pandemic

The proverb ‘Hard Work Never Goes Unrewarded’ is realized only by those who have done everything to achieve something. When everyone became sceptical of the pandemic’s detrimental effect on the Education sector, DPS STS School Dhaka deviated from the conventional way of learning to take the initiative to adopt Online Learning.

This prudent decision, complemented by foresight, arduous labour, punctilious planning, and rock-solid determination from the side of the teachers, students, and parents, gave rise to myriads of Virtual Classroom programmes. These were designed to revolutionise the entire learning process and made it possible to continue the didactic activities from the comfort of the learners’ homes. In recognition of such strategic thinking, DPS STS School Dhaka has recently been honoured with the globally-acclaimed ‘BETT MEA Awards 2020’ in the ‘Online Learning Strategy’ category. Not to mention, DPS STS is the only School from the South-Asia region to be presented with such a prestigious award.

It is mentionable that the Bett MEA Awards celebrate and champion the EdTech trendsetter and innovators- who are bringing about revolutionary changes in the education sector across regions. And the ‘Online Learning Strategy Award’ conferred on DPS STS School demonstrates exceptional strategic thinking in developing e-learning, blended learning, and distance learning. Interlacing elements of all the three aforementioned points, DPS STS School Dhaka has mapped out the entire virtual education process so that learning goes unabated, riding out all uncertainties.

Different online learning programs- each designed with attention to detail and outcomes- provided the students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of learning. The school authorities adopted many learning strategies to make the process more interactive, participatory, and outcome-oriented. The School has provided training to the teachers and kept tabs on every single student’s progress. They use formative and summative assessment tools- such as paper presentations by students, projects, and virtual exams.

The School provides ‘Augmented Reality’ tools that increase interactivity and enhance skills of problem-solving, collaboration, and creation, whereas ‘Virtual Labs’ allow students to interact with experimental apparatus and focus on the wonders of the physical sciences through a computer interface. On the other hand, ‘Breakout Rooms’ divide students into groups and helps improve communication, co-operation, and allows them to interact with one another more creatively.

In the meantime, the School was not ready to compromise the co-curricular activities, so that the tender-aged minds keep blooming like flowers even during the pandemic. Thus, DPS STS School Dhaka has organized numerous online activities to continue inter-school events, competitions, community service and volunteering tasks. The students have also played their part in social responsibilities by developing ‘learning videos’ for the underprivileged children as a part of the DPS STS Education for Human Greatness project.

The diversified activities and the blended learning program organized by DPS STS School Dhaka have finally paid off in BETT MEA Awards 2020. It will definitely whet the students’ appetite and encourage the teachers to walk the extra mile.

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