BDC Preworlds 2021 Performance

BDC Pre Worlds 2021 Performance:
A team from DPS STS Debate Club participated in an online tournament, the “18th BDC Pre Worlds 2021” held between 23-25th September 2021. It was an extremely competitive tournament with the best school debaters in attendance. 50 teams amounting to 150 school debaters participated in this event. Our team was comprised of three of our students from grade 11( Shayor Ahmad Khan, Addrita Latif, and Nazia Chowdhury).
We are pleased to announce that:
1) Our DPS STS team won 4 out of the 6 preliminary rounds and was ranked 8th best team out of 50, proceeding to the knockout rounds.
2)They beat European Standard School (ESS) in the Octo finals to reach the Quarter Finals.
3) Shayor Ahmad Khan, became the 4th best speaker of the tournament out of 150 debaters.
4)The top 40 speakers of the tournament will be selected into the “National Camp” which is a special selection phase for the best 5 speakers of the country who will represent Bangladesh in the World Schools Debate Championship (WSDC). This means, our student Shayor has qualified for National Camp by being the 4th best speaker of the tournament.
5) This is the first time a debater from DPS STS Debate Club has ranked in the top 10 Open speakers of a tournament.
We are ecstatic at the outcome and are looking forward to using this to fuel future accomplishments.
The official announcements of the best teams can be found in this link:

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