Excellence is achieved by the mastery of fundamentals.
-Vince Lombardi


DPS STS follows a pattern of 16 years of schooling comprising the following:

4 years of Preparatory Schooling (Play group, Nursery, Junior KG & KG).

10+2 years of Primary, Secondary & Senior School.


Medium of Instruction: English

DPS STS School Dhaka believes in "Learning by doing" and follows the methodology where an intellectually challenging academic programme both inside and outside the classrooms is offered.

Our goal is to ensure that every pupil gives his or her best and this is achieved through small class sizes of 30 pupils, and close monitoring of each pupil’s progress. Academic standards are high and are fostered through a sense of purpose and a positive working environment. Well qualified & experienced teachers have been appointed, who are knowledgeable, capable of using innovative teaching methodology with a passion for their subject as well as providing knowledge, guidance and motivation to the pupils.

We help, guide, motivate & prepare the students for IGCSE Cambridge International Diplomas (Age group 14 - 16 years) and for the A level (Age Group 16 -18 Years).

Emphasis is put on study skills so that pupils become independent learners and become self-reliant. Excellence is fostered in a stimulating yet supportive environment and pupils learn to research and extend their knowledge, engaging in individual projects, group work and presentations. Extensive use is made of the library, as children are encouraged not only to read for pleasure but also to develop an appreciation of knowledge and literature and the use of factual resources. The School possesses a large Library with a vast collection of books and encyclopedias and rich resources.