Dear Parents,
Education cannot be limited to text books and the academic syllabus. In fact, curriculum means a range of experiences that is provided for promoting the all round development of the child’s personality.
Reading , travelling and the media can be used as rich resources for widening the mental horizons of the children, for stimulating their imagination and curiosity, for developing their aesthetic sensibilities and understanding of human nature.
Our motto is “ Taking Education beyond The Realm of  the Classroom”.
Children love watching films, and if we get them to watch good films which constitute healthy entertainment, and some educative value as well, then cinema can also prove to be a rich resource of knowledge for the children.  It is also an invaluable tool for building up English Language skills and vocabulary development, as children will be exposed to native speakers of the English Language.
Keeping the above in mind, I’m giving a list of some films for school going children of all age groups.
These are "Must See" films and I’m certain that you will also  enjoy watching these films with your children.
With best wishes.
Madhu Wal
Vice Principal
List of Films are mentioned:
Some Classic Films recommended for children
1.    Hatari
2.    African Safari
3.    The God Must be Crazy
4.    Amelia
5.    Free Willy-3
6.    Home Alone-2
7.    Born Free
8.    Living Free
9.    Jungle Book
10.   The Sound of Music
11.   Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
12.   Around the World in Eighty Days
13.   Journey to the Centre of the Earth
14.   Treasure Island
15.   To Sir with Love
16.   Swiss Family Robinson
17.   One Hundred and One Dalmatians
18.   Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
19.   HEIDI
20.  Oliver
21.   Robin Hood
22.  Tom Sawyer
23.  Oliver Twist
24.  The Chipmunk Adventure
25.  Dennis the Menace
26.  The Bermuda Triangle
27.  Beethoven’s-2
28.  Baby’s Day Out
29.  Born to be Wild
30.  Pocahontas
31.   Alaska
32.  Dunston Checks in
33.  Home Alone-3
34.  Apollo 13
35.  Mission to Mars
36.  Benji
37.  Atlantis The Lost Empire
38.  Where the Wild things are
39.  DUMA
40.  Two Brothers