• Taking education beyond the realm of the classroom.
  • Giving a Global perspective.
  • Exposing students to cutting edge technology.
The educational value of travel is undisputable. Another name for education is exposure. On 12th Nov, 211 the DPS STS Group comprising 35 students from Grade 6 to 10, Principal Mr Harsh Wal, Vice Principal Mrs Madhu Wal, HOD Science Mr Sanjib Parial & Ms Shammin Sultana Coordinator & Teacher returned to Dhaka after a very successful and rewarding educational tour to NASA-Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando USA. They also visited Disney World, Universal & Sea World. The students did a variety of activities at Kennedy Space Centre like exposure to simulators where astronauts train, walk in zero gravity, designing rockets etc. They also attended lectures by NASA Engineers & astronauts on Science of rocketry, propulsion, Newton’s laws. They also experienced the G-Force centrifuge, rocket launch in a simulator, crew capsule design activity and many more educative material.
The highlights were a three D movie of a space mission that came alive in an IMAX Theatre, a visit to the shuttle from where all the manned space rockets have been launched and interaction with Astronaut Sam Gemar who has been aboard the space shuttle D ISCO VERY in addition to many other space missions.
One of the most exciting experiences was the witness of Man’s first launch into lunar orbit & Man’s first step on the Moon. Witnessing the procedure on the actual machines that were used for Man’s historic journey to the Moon was an awe inspiring spectacle.
Touching an actual piece of moon rock, seeing the actual rockets & the lunar vehicle that was used by the astronauts to step on the moon, were also exciting experiences. Students attended several lectures and demos by NASA Engineers & Scientists & were also involved in making projects, building models & doing training on Multi axis trainers, Trajectory, Micro gravity wall & visiting the interior of an actual space shuttle.
At the end of the course there was a graduation ceremony where NASA Scientist Mr. Jeff, Principal & Vice Principal of DPS STS School gave away the certificates to the students.
Students also visited Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and Sea World. They enjoyed the Rides, the simulators and the several shows & displays. The highlight was a spectacular show by Killer Whales which was simply amazing. The show by the dolphins and the seals was also very interesting. Besides seeing and learning a lot, the students also gained in self-confidence and learnt to become independent and responsible.
The photograph has been autographed by Astronaut Sam Gemar who flew on STS 38-48 & 62 (Space Transportation System Vehicle)
STS 38        - 5 day mission did 80 orbits of Earth
STS 48        - aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery – did 81 orbits of Earth
STS 62        - aboard Space Shuttle Columbia - the second longest space shuttle mission to-date. 13days, 23 hours &16 minutes following 224 orbits of the Earth with a landing at the Kennedy Space Centre on March 18th,1994 , after travelling 5.8 million miles.­