Google Classroom/Meet FAQs and student logging instructions
From the session 2020-21, all students will have to join online classes with the school email ID ( that has been provided to each registered student. No student can join online classes with their personal email IDs from now on. Please click here to see the attached PDF file to understand the steps to log into your online class: Google Classroom/Meet logging instructions
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is a school email id?
    1. Every valid registered student of DPS STS School Dhaka has been allotted an email id under the domain name; for example: is a sample email id.
  2. What is the use of this school email id?
    1. In the previous year, students could log onto DPS STS School's online classes using any email id. From the new session onwards, students would be able to log on to online classes only using their DPS STS School email ids.
  3. I do not have an email id under the domain name What should I do?
    1. If you are a student who has registered for the new academic session, your email id would be your (for example
  4. Which website do I go to log into my email and online classes?
  5. says my id does not exist?
    1. Write to or with your GRN number, full name, grade. The school email id would be generated and shared with you soon thereafter.
  6. I have my school id. However, I don't have my password.
    1. Your default password is 1234@abcd (You should change your password after you log in). If you have forgotten your password, then use the "forgot password" link provided by and follow instructions. If you are unable to retrieve your password, please write to for support. 
  7. How do I go to Google classroom?
    1. Please visit (Use your school email ID to log into the Google classroom.)
  8. How do I get a Google classroom invitation so that I can attend classes?
    1. You will get an invitation email from your subject teacher. This would be sent to your school email id. You are required to open that email and accept the invitation. If for some reason, you miss the invitation email, you can alternatively log into Google Classroom ( and retrieve your classes list. You would just need to 'join' your class.
  9. How do I join live classes via Google Meet?
    1. Whenever you join your respective Google Classroom, you will find a Google Meet link at the top of that class under the name of that class. According to your timetable, you would be required to join the live classes by clicking that link.
  10. Can I join the Google classes via class code, as was practiced earlier?
    1. No, you can not this time. 
  11. Can I log into the classes using my mobile?
    This is not preferred as many mobile versions are incompatible with Google Meet and Google classroom live classes and many times the Google Meet/Classroom link is not visible when trying to login using a mobile phone. Using a laptop is the preferred way to attend these classes.
    12. I use my browser for accessing many Gmail ids. Can I use the same browser for accessing online classes?
    No. You may either use a fresh browser or first log off from all email accounts in that browser and then try logging into the online classes. Sometimes, browsers that are used to access other email ids create logging issues while accessing online classes.
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