Exam day instructions for Parents for Grades 5, 6 and 7

Dear Parents:
Please be informed that students will need to have their webcams / video cams turned on during the 1st Term examinations beginning from September 20, 2020. Please ensure that the webcams are in working condition so that our students can be monitored. 
Students will not be allowed to write the test without a working webcam.
For any problems that may come up during the exam, parents will need to communicate / email any of  the following: Grade Coordinator / Section Head /  Academic Head / IT/ Mr Ranjith.
Please also note the following:
  •  Students will not require any printer for the exams. 
  •  The concerned Subject Teachers will guide the students regarding the procedure of Exam Paper submission by this week. 
  • For electricity failure, we have requested all the parents to activate Robi Sim provided by the School to have the hotspot facility.
  • For other technical glitches, Parents should mail to Mr. Adnan, Mr. Ranjith and Ms Kumkum immediately for any data support..
  • If a student is sick, Parents need to mail the same personnel, so that the Exam Department is aware about it and can inform the parents about the next step to be taken depending on the situation.
  • Please ensure that students attend all classes this week, so that they do not miss the exam related information, which will be provided by the teachers.